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Last Updated: April 17, 2015 (added asset copyright)

BodhaGuru Learning Private Limited (BodhaGuru) is a social enterprise that operates Njoy N Learn Store and its associated book creation/reading apps and technology platform. BodhaGuru’s dream is to make learning interesting, relevant and affordable to every child on this planet. The goal of this platform is to enable everyone to create interactive books while having fun, share their creation with the rest of the world and children across the world can read-n-learn from these books created by others in the community. By publishing your book at Njoy N Learn Store using BodhaGuru Create Children Book or Comicker app, YOU have agreed to terms and conditions as set forth below, governing the creation, publication and distribution of your book. This is in augmentation of BodhaGuru Terms of Service.


ANYONE (including but not limited to K12 students/homeschoolers, parents, teachers, college students, working professionals, etc.) can register to BodhaGuru Njoy N Learn Store and submit their books for publishing – as long as your book is meant for children (< 16 years of age) and its language/scenes are child friendly by all means. Teachers, parents and guardians of school-age children may assist them in the book creation and submission process.

Copyright Ownership

At all times, YOU are the copyright owner of your book content (story, structure, flow, dialogues, etc.) for both digital and printed version of the book, EXCEPT for the following items provided to you by BodhaGuru and solely owned by BodhaGuru: artwork (i.e. asset pack) inserted into your book, the relevant apps (in both source code and binary form) and the technology platform to create, design, publish, deliver and read your book. The artwork (i.e. asset pack) can only be used in the books created with this app. The artwork need to be mixed with your creation (e.g. story, dialogues, visualization) and cannot be used as is in any form without the permission of BodhaGuru.

Publishing Rights

Once you submit your book for publishing and the book is approved after the review, BodhaGuru will be the recognized publisher of the book. BodhaGuru will own publishing rights for both print and digital version of the book and/or video generated from the book, as part of the following work done by BodhaGuru on your behalf: Development of the app, technology & asset packs for creation of book, manual/automated review of your book as well as any modification done, submission and distribution of the book to various stores, promotion of your book and maintenance of the app and associated platform.


YOU can create book of any theme or genre (including but not limited to action, sci-fi, fairy tales, folk tales, jokes, learning books) – as long as your book can be read by children (< 16 years of age). YOU must ensure the book is your original creation and is not an exact copy of some other book or work on Internet. YOU must not add content in the book that violates any state or central/federal laws nor advocates hateful, discriminatory views or actions toward others or illegal activities. YOU must not include any advertisements or other content intended to promote any form of products or services in your book. BodhaGuru is entitled to determine what book it accepts and publish at its sole discretion.

Submission and Publishing

BodhaGuru reserves the rights to REVIEW the submitted book, MODIFY it for any changes (to make it visually appealing and children friendly), REJECT OR APPROVE the book submission, PUBLISH and DISTRIBUTE the approved books to Njoy N Learn Store or any other online stores, PROMOTE the book or REMOVE (withdraw) the published books.


BodhaGuru will distribute the approved book for FREE to its own Njoy N Learn Store and optionally to other online digital stores. Your book will be priced as FREE to all the end users consuming your book via online media and hence no royalty will be paid to YOU. As the book distribution picks up and BodhaGuru foresees your book has a sales potential in either digital or print format, BodhaGuru will contact you requesting your permission for the same and associated royalty share of yours. You will have sole discretion to accept or refuse the permission for the same.

Sales, Marketing and Promotion

BodhaGuru will have sole discretion in determining all marketing and promotions related to the promotion of your book and may without limitations, make electronic version of your book available to prospective customers without charge or generate a video from your book. You acknowledge that BodhaGuru have no obligation to market and promote your book at any time.


You may withdraw (i.e. unpublish) your book from store at any time by sending 30 days advance written notice to BodhaGuru will delete the book from all the stores where it was published. BodhaGuru has right to withdraw and remove your book from publication and distribution at any point of time, if it determines that the book either doesn’t comply with any form of content requirements or violates copyright ownership of a third party or not intended for children (<16 years of age). This policy is effective from May 15, 2014. The Terms of Service given above are subject to change without notice. ©2012 BodhaGuru Learning Private Limited ™

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