Digital Learning Products

For Schools

NjoyLearning Device

This product is designed for schools and/or learning centers. This is an affordable teaching aid that is very simple to operate and makes learning an enjoyable experience for the children. The product is a complete package – hardware, software and educational content. It includes a small set-top box device, BodhaGuru software, BodhaGuru content (lesson plans, slide shows, story videos, detailed videos, thoughtful questions, eBooks and applications). All you need is a small TV (or projector) and lots of passion….. Simply connect this device to your TV (or projector) and NjoyLearning will help you teachers to easily explain the core concepts of the school curriculum, while the children are completely immersed and enjoying this new learning experience ! For more details about content and learning methodology, please download this file. For more details about the device and its usage, please download this file. EMAIL US for more details.

For Teachers and Students

mShiksha Teacher uSD for Android Tablets

This product includes mShiksha Teacher Content in a micro SD card and is designed for primary schools teachers. All you need is Android based smartphone or tablet. Just plug-in the micro SD card into your Android device, install the BodhaGuru mShiksha Android application and activate it. The best part of this application is the entire content is available offline inside the micro SD card and you don’t need to pay for Internet bandwidth charges or experience a sluggish response. This application provides the rich user experience while accessing the BodhaGuru content (videos, quiz, practice apps, picture books) in a structured way (class -> subject -> topic -> content). This application helps the teachers to prepare lesson plans with clear learning objectives, understand the core concept by watching lesson videos, explore their understanding of topics using cool applications and prepare quiz for their class using rich interactive quiz that is a mix of text and pictures. EMAIL US for more details.

Njoy N Learn DVD Collection

Njoy N Learn DVD collection includes a set of DVDs that are loaded with BodhaGuru fun-n-learn based animated educational videos for Science and Maths subject – for children studying in class 1 to class 7. Each DVD set contains hours of animated videos that will enable children to understand the core concepts of Science and Maths easily. These videos will help them build strong Science and Maths fundamentals for the core topics that will be used life-long.The relevant animated stories make topics interesting and also teach moral values. The real life examples connect topics to its practical usage and teach application of knowledge. Simple explanation with rich animation makes topic very easy to understand. Please click on any of the DVD set below to purchase it directly from Amazon India.

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