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BodhaGuru NjoyReading Kit - for K-3 students

NjoyReading Kit
  • Bus shaped electronic learning toy with a set of audio and activity enabled paper books (English, Hindi, Telugu languages) - 100% Made in India (patent pending).
  • Strengthens language reading, listening and pronunciation skills of children aged 4 to 10 years.
  • Child friendly design, robust and in-built speakers.
  • Works on batteries consuming extremely low power (e.g. 1 hour of usage per day require one recharge in a month using three 2800mAH rechargeable batteries).
  • Content designed by pedagogy experts based on fun and learn methodology. Each book starts with a short moral story followed by learning concepts and simple learning activities - loaded with engaging pictures, sound, music and effects.
  • NjoyReading Pre-Primary kit (age 4-5 years) with flash-cards and books covering a gamut of concepts (like animals, fruits, vehicles, alphabets, numbers, shapes, colours, etc.) to strengthen English skills - with learning help in mother tongue (Hindi or Telugu).
  • NjoyReading Primary kit (age 6-10 years) with books to strengthen language skills of English as well as mother tongue (Hindi or Telugu). Books are categorized according to various learning levels – starting with akshar, barahkhadi, simple words without matra, words with matra, short sentences and long sentences.
  • Additional set of books can be purchased at an extra cost.
  • Extremely simple to use - Place the book on the kit, press visual indicators marked on the book and learn. The kit responds with the appropriate sound, music and LED.
  • Usage behaviour is recorded within the kit. It can be extracted over smartphone for usage and impact measurement.
  • Android app for teacher's smartphone with in-built digital content and verbal tests to measure the early grade reading levels. Using bluetooth interface, app can be connnected with the kit to extract usage data from the kit and upload to the cloud. This school version of the product is available on a bulk basis (minimum 100 qty). Please email us at for more details.

BodhaGuru NjoyLearning - for K-10 students

  • NjoyLearning is an Android/Windows app with a set of K-10 content - including short story videos, animated concept videos and a set of interactive content (including interactive animated books, practice activities, quiz and 360 degree walk-throughs).
  • For primary class students, NjoyLearning includes Maths, Science, English and Telugu subjects - with video dubbed in English, Hindi and Telugu languages.
  • For high school students, NjoyLearning includes Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects - with video dubbed in English and Hindi languages (Telugu is under development).
  • "Stories and practical examples are the easiest form of understanding any concept". Hence, fundamental topics start with an animated story that introduces the topic in a subtle way while re-enforcing values in the children (e.g. moral values, financial values, ecological values etc.). The subsequent detailed videos build on the story and explain the concept in a step-by-step way - with the primary focus on applicability of knowledge.
  • The interactive books with pictures, sound, animation and text makes language learning easier and fun.
  • The thoughtful interactive quiz helps the children to build critical thinking skills. Most of the questions are based on real life scenarios making it easier to understand, solve and apply the knowledge gained.
  • A set of interactive apps and 360 degree walk-throughs lets children explore and practice the concepts.
  • The content is mapped to NCERT, CBSE and Telangana/AP boards.
  • For in-class room teaching within primary and high schools, the Android version of the app along with offline content (in 64 memory card) is available along with an Android set-top box or Android projector. It is also available on a pen-drive option for your Windows PC. This school version of the product is available only on a bulk basis (minimum 100 qty). This solution is already running in more than 6000 schools. Please email us at for more details.

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