BodhaGuru Interactive Book Platform - For Comic/Children Book Publishers, Schools and Video Production Companies

Demo video of a children interactive book authored through this platform


As part of our language learning initiative, we have blended our creative skills, deep technology skills and story based pedagogy to come up with an innovative interactive book platform(IBP) for comic/children book publishers, schools and animated video production companies.

Our IBP platform has two parts and we license the technology for one or both the parts:

Our IBP book authoring and publishing platform will help children book publishers and animated video production companies to better engage with their users/viewers by releasing a book authoring app using which anyone can create interactive books using their digital assets (e.g. characters). Our platform will help users to create, publish and read these interactive books on various mobile platforms (Android, Apple iOS and Windows8), thereby increasing the brand loyalty. For end users, this authoring app will be helpful to improve their creativity and linguistic skills.

Our IBP book reading platform will help comic/children book publishers and schools to transform their existing paper or digital books into interesting interactive books which cater to respective age-groups. Our interactive book will be an application which will provide an enhanced reading experience of a book by creatively blending audio and visual effects along with engaging user interaction. Our platform will help to deliver these interactive books on various mobile platforms (Android, Apple iOS and Windows8) in a secured and cost-effective way with flexible payment options for the user, thereby increasing the reach of books to millions of new users and adding significant value to the existing readers too. For children, these interactive books will be helpful to learn with more interest, increase their curiosity and creativity level along with their linguistic skills.

Features of IBP Book Authoring and Publishing Platform

  • Users can use your characters, backgrounds and objects to create interesting books in easy step
  • Supports different types of books - Single Panel Picture Books, Multi-panel Comic Books and Greeting Card
  • All languages (text as well as voice) supported
  • User can modify images like scaling, rotation and opacity
  • Support for different asset packs to categorize it easily
  • Asset packs can be upgraded on the fly
  • User can preview the book and add their voice to it
  • User can publish the book or share the book
  • Auto adjust according to Screen size, aspect ratio
  • Dashboard to see the app usage, asset pack downloads and books published

Features of IBP Book Reading Platform

  • Supports different reading mode, depending upon the type of book
    • Comic books: Zoom and Pan for enhanced reading experience – support following modes:
      • Reading only
      • Auto play with audio, vivid visual effects and text marker
    • Children Learning books: Full page interactive learning experience – support following modes:
      • Read word by word and see related action come alive (e.g. clicking on play shows book character playing)
      • Auto play with text marker, stunning audio and visual effects
  • All languages (text as well as voice) supported
  • User can interact with the book
    • Small game - like blast the bubbles
    • Simple quiz - like MCQ, HotSpot, Drag-n-Drop, Sequencing
    • Open a webpage
    • Play a video
  • Auto adjust according to Screen size, aspect ratio

Value Proposition

  • Build strong customer loyalty for your brand by allowing users to create stories using your digital assets (e.g. characters, background and share them to the world. Please see Chhota Bheem Comic Maker app created for Green Gold Animation to engage with Chhota Bheem fans.
  • Enhance existing users' reading experience and build newer user base through interactive books
    • Support for all screens – TV, PC, Tablet, Smartphone
    • Works on all common mobile platform – Apple iOS, Android, Windows8
  • All languages (text as well as voice) supported
  • Seamlessly integrate professional voice-overs
  • Adapt to any form of book
    • Simple picture book
    • Comic book
    • Books designed using old hand-drawings
    • Books designed using latest digital-drawings
  • Flexible payment options to match digital life-style
    • One time purchase (life-time)
    • Limited time purchase
    • Monthly rental plan
  • Secured encrypted book - hard to copy

What we need from YOU?

  • Digital images, layered drawings or scanned images of your book. Please be assured, your drawings are safe and secured with us and will not be used for any other purpose.
  • Optionally, voice over files for dialogues and narration.

What YOU get back from us?

  • We will generate a customized app - JUST FOR YOU and publish it on following app stores. This app can be book authoring app and/or reading app depending upon your need.
    • Apple Store
    • Android: Google PlayStore and Amazon Store.
    • Windows8 store (shortly)
  • In case of IBP reading platform, we will hand-craft each of your digital book – page-by-page, frame-by-frame and integrate with the reading app.
    • Book added with stunning effects and options for user interaction.
    • Book creatively blended with audio, visual and interaction.
    • Book adapted according to various platforms.

    Kindly Note: You own the copyright of digital book (script, story, illustrations, sound provided by you) at all times – with the license for the binary copy of the application generated by our IBP platform. The intellectual property of entire IBP platform (source, object, binary code; illustrations/sound/effects that are created/added by us) remains with BodhaGuru at all times.

Partner Apps using IBP Authoring and Reading Platform

Chhota Bheem Comic Maker

Ever wished to create your own Chhota Bheem story? Now you can! This cool app is designed in collaboration with Green Gold Animation using our IBP Book Authoring Platform. This app is dedicated to the ardent fans of Chhota Bheem (both the children and their grown-ups!). This app enables users to create their own Chhota Bheem stories using a huge collection of backgrounds, Chhota Bheem and related characters, objects and everything required to create a complete Chhota Bheem story book. Use different speech bubbles, effects, filters, masks to make beautiful Chhota Bheem comic books, riddles, jokes, quotes and many more. Think, Imagine and Express yourself creatively through the Chhota Bheem stories. If you like your book, you can share it with friends and family around the world by publishing it freely on Chhota Bheem Book Store in just few easy steps.

Chhota Bheem Comic Reader

This cool app is designed in collaboration with Green Gold Animation using our IBP Book Reading Platform. Wish to read your favourite Chhota Bheem stories? Children (grown-ups too) can enjoy reading (as well recording in own voice) Chhota Bheem short stories, jokes, riddles etc. in this cool app. There are tons of Chhota Bheem stories in store and every week more new stories will be available to the readers. The super cool thing about of these stories is that most of these will be authored by the ardent Chhota Bheem fans just like you, using the Chhota Bheem Comic Maker app. All the stories narrate beautiful tales of Chhota Bheem and his gang of friends. Not just read, children/parents can also personalize the story by recording their own voice for the stories. Children can enhance their reading/speaking skills along with having fun using this exciting feature.

Partner Apps using IBP Reading Platform

Indian War Heroes

This cool app is designed in collaboration with Aditya Horizons, makers of Indian War Comics, using our IBP Book Reading Platform. This app is dedicated to Indian Defence Forces. It portrays the real stories of real life heroes, who lead the way in keeping this nation safe and secure from all the enemies. Each story is beautifully depicted in the form of a graphic novel or a video. The graphic novels are part of Indian War Comics - an initiative by Maj Gen G D Bakshi SM, VSM (retd) and Mr. Aditya Bakshi of Aditya Horizons- to glorify the heroic life of our brave soldiers. Each graphic novel is made in-form of an interactive book with a range of background music, effects and each page/panel can be zoomed in or out easily for enhanced reading experience on all form of mobile devices. Get Inspired, Children !

Katha Books Reader

This Windows PC app includes the interactive books from Katha - translating stories transforming lives. Each book is hand-crafted by us - by adding audio, visual effects, background music and interactive activities.
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