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The different videos in this topic explain the different food habits of animals (e.g. plant- eating, flesh eating or both plant and flesh eating) and the food chain. Using the examples from a short and witty story – The Clever Farmer, the children not only understand the different food habits of animals, the food chain but also the impact on humans when animals don”t get their food and that all living things are dependent on plants directly or indirectly.
This topic is meant for primary class children (age 6-8 years). Have fun, children!


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Save The Drowning Animals

This is a live saving game, where you need to save the land animals (wild or domestic) that are drowning in a flooded river. Your goal is to pull out as many land animals as you can from the water and move to their right homes (i.e. the domestic animal goes to village and the wild animal goes to jungle). Through this game, you can learn different types of animals, where they live (in water or land, with humans or in the wild) and feel like a savior by saving as many animals as possible. As you move through the levels in the game, the speed of the game increases. Through this game, you can learn different types of animals and where they live (in water or land, with humans or in the wild). To download the game on your Android device, click here. Have fun, children!

Run for Food

This is a fast paced children game, where you need to help different hungry animals (like hen, rabbit, wolf, lion) to eat their right food. You can TOUCH the screen to jump the animal to catch the right food (e.g. rabbit should jump to eat carrots). There will be different obstacles coming on the way – like a crocodile coming out of puddle to eat the running animal, stones, bomb, etc – BEWARE OF THEM. As you move forward in levels, the speed of the game increases – animals run faster and the obstacles also come faster. Through this game you will learn the food habits of different animals and the food chain (i.e. plants are eaten by rabbit, who gets eaten by wolf, who gets eaten by lion). To download the game on your Android device, click here. Help the hungry animals, children!

Story Questions and Answers

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Did the farmer do right thing helping the cheetah?
A. No, we shouldn’t help flesh eaters
B. Yes, we should act kindly to others
C. No, we shouldn’t help when there is no benefit for us

2. Why didn’t the cheetah attack the farmer?
A. Farmer was stronger
B. He didn’t like flesh of human
C. To keep promise it did to farmer

3. Do you think the goat wouldn’t eat grass showing loyalty to his master?
A. Yes, goat can change its food habits for master
B. No, the goat can’t change its food habit
C. May be, if the farmer requested goat not to eat grass

4. What was only requirement for farmer to solve the riddle?
A. Proper application of knowledge and common sense
B. High qualification and bookish knowledge
C. Both A and B


1. B
2. C
3. B
4. A

Subjective Questions

1. If the farmer took the goat, the grass and the cheetah in the boat all at once, what would have happened?

2. Why did the farmer help the cheetah? If the farmer did not help the cheetah, what would have happened?

3. How many extra boat trips the farmer did to save the cheetah? Was it worth it?

4. Do you think the farmer should have trusted the cheetah?

5. The Cheetah initially told the farmer that he wouldn’t harm the farmer. If the farmer would have left the goat with the cheetah, do you think the cheetah would have eaten the goat?

6. If the farmer had to carry a fox, a hen and a bag of grains, how would he do that?

7. Do you have any other idea to take the farmer, the goat, the grass and the cheetah across river without any loss to the farmer?


1. The boat was made to carry two things at a time.
2. The humanity of farmer made him help cheetah. The cheetah might get into trouble if he didn’t help cheetah.
3. The farmer took two extra boat rounds to save an animal from danger.
4. A flesh eater can’t change its food habit.
5. Assume, the fox is the cheetah, the hen is the goat and the bag of grain is like bundle of grass. Now, try to solve the riddle.
6. Try to imagine yourself as the farmer and solve the riddle in your way.

Topic Questions and Answers

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In general, eating habits of the human are like eating habits of __
A. Lion
B. Bear
C. Rabbit

2. Eagle eats snakes. Snakes eat rat, frog etc. So, eagle is not dependent on plant, not even indirectly. Is it true?
A. No, eagle eats plants too
B. No, frog eats plant eating insects
C. Yes, eagle is not dependent on plant

3. Many wild animals are flesh eating animals. Can domestic animal be a flesh eating animal?
A. Yes, a domestic animal can be a flesh eating animal
B. No, a domestic animal does not eat flesh
C. An animal always changes its food habits after becoming domestic animal

4. Insects are very small in size. Can insect be a flesh eating animal?
A. No, all insects are plant eating animals
B. Yes, an insect can be a flesh eating animal
C. Yes, all insects are flesh eating animals

5. Flesh eating animals eat other animals that eat plants. What do you say about it?
A. Flesh eating animals eat other plant eating animals
B. Flesh eating animals eat other flesh eating animals
C. Both A and B

6. Flesh eating animals eat plant eating animals. So, flesh eating animals are always big and huge. Isn’t it?
A. Yes, obviously
B. No, there are many small flesh eating animals too
C. Plant eating animals are always bigger and stronger

7. What kind of animal is an ant?
A. Ant is a plant eating animal
B. Ant is a flesh eating animal
C. Ant eats both plants and flesh


1. B
2. B
3. A
4. B
5. C
6. B
7. C

Subjective Questions

1. Have you ever thought what would happen if a flesh eating animal eats plant?

2. What would flesh eating animals do if none of the plant eating animals are left in the jungle?

3. World would be peaceful if all animals were plant eating animals. What do you think?

4. If someone puts a plant eating animal and a flesh eating animal together, is it necessary that flesh eating animal would always eat the other one?

5. As we know, all food chains start from plant. Then, how do However, Max Damage doesn&#8217t just have no reels, it doesn&#8217t look remotely just like a slot but rather features nine different levels where arcade free casino games are performed out before your vision. they end? Can you guess?

6. We eat both plant and flesh. Which kind of animals do humans eat?

Answer Hints

1. Food habits of flesh eating animal may be different, but it doesn’t mean grass would act like poison for flesh eating animals.
2. They would leave jungle in search of food or try to eat other flesh eating animals.
3. If all animals were plant eating animals, food would not be sufficient for all.
4. There are many kinds of flesh eating animal. Some of them only eat insects. Can cat or frog eat a cow? Think about it.
5. There is none to eat big flesh eating animal like lion, tiger etc. So, food chains end with big flesh eating animals.
6. Humans mostly eat plant eating animals and few flesh eating animals, like – chicken, goat, frog etc.