About Us

BodhaGuru is a social enterprise (for-impact, for-profit) based out of Hyderabad, India. Our dream is to make school learning (KG-10) interesting, relevant and affordable for every child on this planet - by creatively blending human passion with the scale of technology.

Our learning objective is simple, as aptly quoted from this dialogue of 3 Idiots movie - "बच्चा काबिल बनो काबिल, कामयाबी तो झक मारके तुम्हारे पीछे आयेगी".

Our Impact

Our Learning Products and Platforms

Our NjoyLearning product is a bundled offering of hardware (Android set-top box or projector), software and content. We work with state governments, CSRs, NGOs, affordable private schools and other Edtech solution providers to deliver quality education to school children. We have online videos and apps to deliver quality education to students at their doorsteps using mobile Internet and set-top box.

Our Interactive Book Authoring, Publishing and Reading platform enables children book publishers to better engage with their users by converting their existing paper/digital books into animated interactive books.


Our Learning Methodology

We believe in a learning methodology that promotes fun based learning and practical applicability of knowledge.

We all know that stories and practical examples are the easiest form of explaining, remembering and applying any concept. Hence the most fundamental topics of primary class start with an animated story that introduces the topic in a subtle way while re-enforcing values in the children (e.g. moral values, financial values, ecological values etc.). The subsequent detailed videos build on the story and explain the concept in a step-by-step way - with the primary focus on applicability of knowledge. The interactive books with pictures, sound, animation and text makes language learning easier and fun. The thoughtful interactive quiz helps the children to build critical thinking skills. Most of the questions are based on real life scenarios making it easier to understand, solve and apply the knowledge gained.

We have designed short story videos, detailed animated concept videos, practice-n-explore apps, interactive books and interactive quiz for Science, Maths and English subjects for KG to 10th Class in multiple languages.


Our Content and Delivery Partners

Customer Testimonials

It is very effective teaching and learning aid. Students are finding very easy to understand the topics according to their classes.

Teacher, Govt Primary School,BodhaGuru NjoyLearning User

Children retention level of topics have increased. E.g. for the seed germination topic – they are able to remember the story and explain the entire process

Teacher, Govt High School,BodhaGuru NjoyLearning User

Teaching made easy, interesting and effective. Enhanced students attention. Innovative Quiz

Teacher, Govt Primary School,BodhaGuru NjoyLearning User

Children in Class 6 and 7 enjoyed the stories and learning complex Math topics like Factors, Ratio Proportion using it.

Teacher, Govt High School,BodhaGuru NjoyLearning User

Teaching made easy, interesting and effective. Enhanced students attention. Innovative Quiz

Teacher, Govt Primary School,BodhaGuru NjoyLearning User

Really good! I made a great book for my little niece and she loved it. Then I made one for my nephew who also loved it! I loved it too. 😊

Myerra Jones,Google PlayStore User

Compared to last year, students are showing more interest in study hours as they like watching story-videos, especially Math. During Math practice, some students are able to recognize their mistakes and correct themselves. Moreover, students who were not at all showing interest in studies are actively participating in activities

Teacher, Govt Primary School,BodhaGuru NjoyLearning User

I thought physics is very hard but, after seeing this video it is very interesting. thank u

Kondaveeti Gyanasri Kavya,YouTube Video User

Students who were not interested in study hours before are showing lot of interest, more involved in the class by asking doubts, participating in the discussions and activities. They are able to understand the concepts easily through stories. My teaching has also improved and I feel good teaching this way!

Teacher, Govt Primary School,BodhaGuru NjoyLearning User

Very nicely explained, especially relating 10s with a bundle, very cool. I was trying to explain this to my 6yrs daughter, this is fun and clear. Bravo!

Vickeybird, YouTube Video User

thank you. my 2nd grader understood much better than he learned it in class and easily finished his home in a few minutes after viewing this.

Art Mack,YouTube Video User

Our children when go to government school – are able to solve problem by the time teacher finishes writing on the board. Thanks BodhaGuru

Teacher, Govt Primary School,BodhaGuru NjoyLearning User

Amazzzing app Imagination starts here .. really nice app to bring out your imagination skills .. you will love it....

Mohd Husain,Google PlayStore User

Its super My two year old is learning so much all because of this app I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TO ALL MOMS WHO WANT GREAT START!! AM GOING TO BUY FULL VERSION AS SOON AS I CAN TRUST ME★♥♥♥♥♥☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Keneesha Watson,Google PlayStore User

Love it. My three year old great niece loves to read these books. I like it that they are free and interactive. Plus there are learning ones too. She's trying to read along with them and starting to recognize certain words. Thank you for an awesome app.

Wanda Waybright,Google PlayStore User

Bodhaguru is great! Wish I had this when I was a kid - learning should be fun like this. Awesome bro!

Ryan Bogusz,YouTube Video User

Designed with toddlers in mind Wow! Finally an app that's legitimate&thorough enough to teach my toddler. An absolutely amazing app with a wide variety of games. Simple and effective easy to use! I love it!

Heather New,Google PlayStore User

Product is easy to use and teaches good fine motor skills and number, alphabet, and shape awareness for little ones.

M. Issa ,Amazon App User

My son loves this app. It is simple but covers all the preschool categories as far as letters, shapes, numbers and patterns. He enjoys the app and gives him motivation to go on to the next category. He's also very proud to show us when he has completed something correctly.

Carolyn E,Amazon App User

Really helped! You should be a teacher , your the only person who made me understand this!

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